"Necessity is the mother of invention."

Or simply put; when the need for something becomes imperative, you are forced to find a way of getting it or achieving it.  In our case, Nimble was borne out of our own experience and frustration in finding a flexible office environment that fit our desires.  We've been the "lone-wolf" independent contractor. We've braved the wilds of the neighborhood coffee house and battled for the seat closest to the outlet.  We've lived the relentless distractions that home offices produce.  We've even tried out those sexy new spaces popping up all over town with their "hot desks" and cold brew.  But none of those quite fit the bill for what we really needed which was an environment that allowed us to be our most productive selves without compromising on the right mix of privacy and community.


At Nimble, we're not trying to be everything to everyone.  Sure, we like kicking our feet up on the couch when we need a change of scenery from our office.  We like having a conference room that is easily accessible but not overwhelmingly flamboyant.  We like keeping our lunch in the fridge and we don't mind making our own coffee.  And yes....sometimes we even like to close our office door and shut out the noise so we can be as productive as we need to be.  Go ahead, call us old school.  


We're trying to make the ideal blend of a private workspace and socially dynamic office environment achievable without overwhelming your mind with the visual and audible cacophony that's so invasive at so many of the alternative work environments.  At Nimble you're not a number, your a neighbor.  So if you don't feel like talking about the score of the big game (or worse listening to the guy seated next to you drone on about his team) then you can quietly recuse yourself to the privacy of your office.  If you're in need of that touch of social interaction that makes working on your own sometimes lonely, but you're not willing to commit to a full-Venti-coffee-and-croissant type of conversation we've got you covered.


It's all about maximizing your productivity.  If you're a small business, entrepreneur or independent contractor the level of productive hours in the day is what makes or breaks your success.  So why choose to work in an environment that diminishes your ability to be perform at your peak?  

Become a Member of Nimble today and see just how prolific, effective and productive you can be.

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